” Change of Rape Law Awful” – Association of Female Legal Representatives

Atty. Vivian Neal stated AFELL hasn’t sought advice from prior to the modification something she stated was done to impact rape victims and survivors.

In an interview with FPA, Neal stated the association was shocked by the change because it has the predisposition towards increasing the variety of rape cases, as the nation presently fights the decrease and prosecuting of sexual cases.

The AFELL president stated she anticipated the Senate to include the prosecutorial spending plan that will empower them to have rape packages as well as have fasted lane rape courts.

” We just have one court which the judges do not be in at the same time and the court runs by the term, I anticipated the Senate to have actually included the financial assistance of the Ministry and prosecutorial arms that will deal with the decrease of rape.”.

She stated the modification is planned to prefer the abundant who will have money to submit bail whenever they are implicated.

Neal divulged that the rape law was bailable but not in totality as it is now since the change was done.

Rape is presently graded as very first and 2nd-degree felonies.

As a very first-degree felony, and for the function of bail, rape is dealt with as a capital offense under area 13.1.1 of the criminal treatment law; in which rape is bailable if evidence is not apparent and anticipation is excellent. Get more info on legal pr agency

As a 2nd-degree felony rape is bailable.

She stated the senates proposed change focuses just on the rights of the wrongdoer and not on those of the victim.

She pleaded with your house of Representative to maintain the value of womanhood and prevent accepting the Liberian Senate.

Neal stated the change of the 2006 Act to change the New Penal Law code chapter 14 area 14.70 and to offer gang rape.

The Senate reasoning for the change was that the penalty for rape under the existing law is extreme and for that reason unconstitutional as well as non-bailable, including that criminals have no access to parole while serving their terms in jail.

” We doubted the timing of the proposed modification in the face of these vital elections when power will be moved from one administration to the next in nearly near a century in our history.”.

” It is our simple viewpoint that such legal enactment which has ramifications for social consistency needs a public hearing before concluding,” Neal stated.

When asked if the modification will harm the tradition of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf she stated AFELL concern must do with victims and not about President Srleaf’s tradition.